January 13, 2017

The Creativity Notebook’s are hand crafted in California and have three kinds of high quality uncoated paper.We use only the highest quality uncoated paper and focus on 3 elements

Warmth.  There are so many whites to choose from, we tilt slightly warm as it is easier on the eyes.
Texture. Each book has different kinds and textures of paper depending on what best suits the book. If the art is colorful, we may choose a slightly smoother feel so that it doesn’t absorb so much ink and the colors are brighter.  The note section has an eggshell finish for the most rewarding idea creating experience, the datebooks with art have a smoother finish in order to present the brightest colors yet keeping the pages still feeling uncoated and organic.
Weight. The front and back pages are sturdier to house the monthly, annual calendars and beginning letter section.